Learning how to use the Biodynamic Planting Calendar

Sunday 24th February, 2019   10am—3.30pm

Patrick English Pavillion, Malanda Showground.


Our connection to the Cosmos, Seasons, Solstices, Equinoxes, Moon Cycles, Constellations, Planetary cycles, oppositions, trines, conjunctions, perigees and apogees and equatorial crossings, nodes and eclipses and when is the best time to plant annuals, seedlings, trees, shrubs,  peppering and using peppers, Weather and questions and answers.

Then after you have learnt all that we shall practice reading the Calendar in little groups  with some exciting questions to see if we remembered everything and now go home and use it in our work !!

Cheryl and Adam will take you through all of this Calendar language and help you understand all that you see in the skies and garden and weather.


Bring lunch to share, chairs already there. Bring your 2019 Calendar, notebooks or paper and pen so you can answer questions later. Calendars ($25)will be for sale if you don’t have one yet.

If you haven’t subscribed for 2019 then Monika will happily take your $30.

Non Members $5. Members free.

If you would like to share or get a ride from Cairns ring Tricia on 0467 089 458