Field Day: April 28th at Patrick English Pavilion, Malanda Show Grounds, 8 Park Ave, Malanda. 9.45 arrival for a 10pm start.

Nutrition Day – Gut Health with Dr Alex Bernhardi

GP & Member of Australasian College for Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. Dr Alex will present on eight topics in the areas of :
· Gut health and its strong relationship to physical and mental health
· Environmental and Nutritional Toxins

“I have found Dr Alex, engaging, knowledgeable and very thought provoking in her approach to health improvement.”                     Satya

“Practicals in Probiotics”
Making Water Kefir & Milk Kefir with Monika
Making Naturally Fermented Vegetables with Satya
and if there is time quick lessons in
Making Rejuvelac and Making Sourdough Bread