About Us

Biodynamics FNQ Inc. (BDFNQ) is a fully incorporated, non-profit organization with around 200 members in Far North Queensland

    • on the Atherton Tableland west to Georgetown
    • on the coast, from Ingham in the south to Cooktown in the north
    • remote area members in the Gulf and in Central Queensland

BDFNQ aims to promote the use and application of biodynamic principles in the community by:

    • Assisting people in applying all aspects of Biodynamics
    • Making and giving access to the Biodynamic preparations
    • Maintaining a Library of up-to-date Biodynamic resources
    • Organising regular field days and educational activities with particular reference to tropical conditions
    • Providing access to specialised BD equipment and instruments
    • Promoting the growing of excellent quality Biodynamic produce
    • Demonstrating the ability to be independent through education, encouragement and the production of our own preparations
    • Quarterly newsletter “Who Flung Dung” posted or emailed to members.
    • Access to our three experienced Advisors for specific help.