Field Days & Events 2022

Biodynamics FNQ Events Calendar 2022 - always on 3rd Sunday of the month

every month at Moon opp Saturn Stirring Circles - enquire with respective host at venue you would like to participate, see our newsletter for more details Kuranda, Mareeba, Watsonville, Malanda/Atherton/Tolga, Mossman, Ravenshoe, East Palmerston, Japoonvale and Cooktown
Feb 20,
10am to 3pm
Biodynamic Calendar Day Mossman - TNSS, 78 Foxton Rd
March 20
10am to 3pm

Biodynamics - Multispecies Cropping – Grazing - Syntropics  - Silica Trials, Discussion on 501 and 508

John and Grace Gargan, 1045 Springmount Rd, Mutchilba

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May 22
10am to 3 pm
Horn Burial - Horn Manure 500 and
making Cow Pat Pit
Lisa & Simon's, Ravenshoe: book trough :
June 19
10am   to 3 pm
Sustainable Home Garden, poultry management, Seaweed Brew, Stirring & Sprayin g out Preps, Discussion on Nettle Prep 504 Cairns
July 17
10am to 3 pm
Fruit Tree Care, pruning and  tree pasting
Discussion on Oak Bark Prep 505
August 21
10am to 3 pm
Energy and Healing Day: Dowsing, Observation, Communicating with Nature, Discussion on Chamomillle Prep 503 Carmen Henning-White, Mossman
Sept 18
10am - 3 pm
Horn Lifting, Discussion on Horn Manure 500, Stirring and Spraying out and Yarrow Prep 502 Lisa & Simon, Ravenshoe

Bring your own chair and  lunch to share to all Field Days