Open Gardens Douglas Shire


Queen’s Birthday weekend October 2020

Gardens open over 3 days:

When other things shut down, we open our gardens.

Now more than ever it is time to dig up some soil, expand your gardening knowledge and start picking your own produce in no time, no matter how small or large your garden is.



Find the inspiration to create the green space of your dreams, while gaining valuable insight on how to be able to harvest your very own fruit and vegetables at your front door.


Please check here or our Facebook page prior attending the events for any changes that may occur.


Saturday, 3rd October | 9 am to 12 noon
11-13 Nancy Close, Oak Beach

Oaks Kitchen and Garden

Set in four acres of lush natural surroundings, Ben and Rachel work in a constantly evolving garden with mango and kaffir lime trees and a vast array of Southeast Asian herbs and vegetables which they use in their cooking. Chooks are free ranging in this wild organic setting. A place to feel the good vibe of a healthy lifestyle!

+ Park at end of cul-de-sac and walk up the driveway
+ Toilets available

Two Loaded Paw paw Trees

Saturday, 3rd October | 10 am – 2 pm
194 Ponzo Road, Shannonvale

The Farm at Shannonvale ‘La Finca’

Like out of a fairy tale find this magic place along the creek that Bianca and Jose spruced up with love and dedication for the last two years. An acre full of inspiration with both old and young trees, raised garden beds with organic vegetables and established rainforest. This couple has a wealth of knowledge wanting to be shared. Food waste and coffee grounds from a local café in Port Douglas is used to create a sustainable supply of compost. With the help of their free range chickens, the process of converting the organic waste into rich compost is complete within 4 weeks. The aim for ‘La Finca’ is to provide for them and locals who visit their small road side stall, with fresh seasonal organic produce. A tour through this paradise should not be missed. A treat for everyone who loves nature!

Green Leafy Vegetables

Saturday, 3rd October | 12 noon to 3 pm
20 Mill Street, Mossman

Mossman Community Centre Garden

This educational garden uses a small space in the most efficient ways. Pallet gardens, raised garden beds and a well stocked plant nursery grow mainly herbs and vegetables to fuel the Kitchen for the Community lunch program. Currently they run an Emergency Relief Program with a commitment to building community through gardening with a focus on food production in the wet tropics. People of all walks of life from a variety of ethnic and language backgrounds work together and learn from each other. Become part of the experience by visiting this outstanding project.

+ Plants for Sale
+ Toilets available

Bushes and Flowers at entry to school administration building

Saturday, 3rd October | 12 noon to 3 pm
William Street entry to Mossman State School

Mossman State School Garden

Over the last months students were encouraged to put a splash of color to their school yard. The result is a vibrant array of different flowers mixed with an edible plant or two. A raised garden bed gives abundant crop of greens and is fun for all involved to work on. Best part is to still harvest juicy tomatoes and be greeted by showy pockets of flowers in different parts of the school grounds.

Man watering garden

Sunday, 4th October | 9 am to 12 noon
48 Cooya Beach Road, Cooya Beach

Paul’s Patch

This garden is an effort to experiment with many ideas in self sufficiency. Most sectors of the space are producing food or medicine but are interspersed with interesting functional elements like carnivorous and mosquito inhibiting plants and early attempts at companion planting. There is a wide range of approaches to gardening in play, from various fruit trees, raised perennial beds, a semi vertical tiered garden, potted vegetables, ground based beds, an edible water plant pond and cutting and propagation experiments. The main food areas are flexibly irrigated with a system that can save water by switching between sprayers or drippers as needed. It’s all a work in progress, a nice place to spend time learning about our relationship to the landscape that sustains us.

flowers in front garden

Sunday, 4th October | 11 am to 2 pm
End of Warner Road, Cassowary, last 700m is unsealed road

Anich Place Cassowary

Nestled amongst cane fields lies this beautiful family property with a history. You will be lead though colorful front gardens and a diverse traditional vegetable garden. All around you there are a large number of older rare fruit trees with stories attached. The owners, Lynn and Joe, will give you a tour around the place where your questions get answered. A treat for fruit lovers!


Sunday, 4th October | 12 noon to 3 pm
End of Bougainvillea Street, Cooya Beach – opposite the northern boat ramp – The Spit

Kubirriwarra Yalanji Clan Estate

Over the last months Bennet’s Food and Medicine Garden morphed from a vision to reality. As an elder, he would like his knowledge to be shared for the benefit of future generations. He will be there to talk about the new plantings and give short explanations as to why a tree or plant made it into his collection. An opportunity to learn about Aboriginal food plants.
+ Public toilets opposite entry to estate

heart shaped Soursop fruit in fruitbowl with other fruits

Sunday, 4th October | 12 noon to 3 pm
6188 Captain Cook Hwy, Port Douglas

Birdsong Garden

Alan & Roberta created their food production high beds as a result of loosing their income through the epidemic. They just gave it a go and were very successful. There is still plenty more to harvest. Their rather large yard includes a few recently planted fruit trees and they plan to expand. A perfect example of what a difference a few months of interaction with nature can make.

Flower Frontyard

Monday, 5th October| 9 am to 12 pm
PORT HAVEN, Martin Scullet Drive, Port Douglas

Garden Haven

The showiest places in Port Haven: a jewel of a mini garden with an artistic flair. Pretty flowers wherever you look. Did you spot the many edible additions? No space is too small for an eye candy. Meet the lovely owner Avery in her element. Follow the markings two doors down to find Heather’s hidden treasure box garden.

Please follow parking signs.


Monday, 5th October | 9 am to 12 pm
12 Corella Street, Port Douglas

Alyson’s Tropical Plot

Alyson’s garden came into existence because gardening in the tropics is very different to where she comes from and it was also new to her. Keen to learn how to grow food in the tropics, she focuses on growing food crops predominantly but also native flowers, plants and trees to attract the pollinators sadly missing. Alyson is passionate about her garden and likes to share her experience.


Monday, 5th October | 11 am to 2 pm
Reef Street 57, Port Douglas

Mandy’s B&B

Coconuts, guinea grass, golden cane and dirt.That was the garden when we moved into Reef Street. There is still all the above, but we have added a vegie garden, lots of ornamentals from cuttings from friends gardens, some turf, a potting area, a worm farm and our chooks. And turned our home into an extremely popular BNB. We have a beautiful chook house, and our chooks free range all day. Our guests love to watch the chooks forage around the garden. It means our garden is a bit untidy, but all our girls including our dog Storm are happy.

+ Toilets available

Swimming Pool with colourful pot plants all around

Monday, 5th October | 11 am to 2 pm
Reef Street 59, Port Douglas

Frieda’s Sanctuary

The garden illustrates the history with the house.
The original owners built the swimming pool which provides shape, sitting places and shapes the whole of the garden which is set around it.
The sacred bamboo is loved and planted  by Colin, who got it from a neighbour. The buddha belly bamboo came from over the Daintree, sulking for years before it felt happy enough to grow.
Due to poor sandy soil and the brush turkeys living around, most of our plants are in pots. They are mostly given by friends, neighbours, found at garage sales. Some are happy, some not, some die and some thrive.
I love going around, talking to them, watering, fertilising and propagating them.
When we bought the house we were still fishing. I had one cactus on the boat and it was a great joy. Now I really enjoy the wide variety of plants, yet I still have a soft spot for cacti -and succulents. I still have plans to learn more about everything gardening.

girl holding freshly harvested corn cobs in both hands

Monday, 5th October | 12 noon to 3 pm
14 Noli Close, Mossman

Taka Tucker Land

A place inspired by nature. Herold and Monika started a few years ago with the idea to transform a neglected suburban ornamental garden with lawns into an edible forest. A lifetime project where they experiment with and integrate all sorts of agroecological principals to mimic and even speed up natures regenerative power to grow into abundance. They look at people, animals and soil in a holistic way and want them all to thrive. Find chooks, bees, a pond, vegetables and a fruit orchard with small syntropic trial patches paired with the enthusiasm of a gardener keen to learn every day anew.

+ Please park at the side of the road, access to the property is up the concrete drive way.

+ Plants for sale

Entry Fee

Entry fee is a gold coin donation at each garden. Proceeds are all going towards a future OPEN GARDEN EVENT. Please bring the correct change/amount.

Covid-19 | Act responsibly

Garden Visitor Etiquette

We ask visitors to observe the following courtesies:

Open Days: Gardens are only open on the dates and times specified.

Privacy of the Garden Opener: Remember that you are visiting private property so please do not enter the house.

Etiquette in the garden: Please do not remove any part of any plant from the garden. Please ensure you take away with you anything you brought into the garden and please do not litter. Have your own drink bottle, filtered water stations available.

Toilets: See venue description for indication if toilets are available.

Children: Welcome! Please ensure children are well supervised so their behaviour does not distract from the quality of the experience of other visitors.

Dogs: Sorry, no dogs (except Guide Dogs) are permitted in the gardens.

Car Parking: Please park your car so that others including neighbours can enter and leave the parking area without inconvenience and please don’t park where your car will damage the garden or its surroundings.

Photography: Please check that the owner is happy for you to photograph the garden before doing so. Photographs taken in the garden cannot be used for commercial purposes without prior permission of the garden owner.

Plant sale: At certain venues plants are available for sale. Proceeds go to the owner of the property.

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